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[   ]d2xl-v1-beta1.7z2019-09-29 17:36 42K 
[   ]d2xl-v1-beta2.7z2019-09-29 20:03 42Kmost recent version, Wii Mini only
[   ]d2x-v10-b52mini1.7z2019-09-29 10:47 42Koutdated development version, Wii Mini only

This directory contains Wii Mini cIOS (d2xl) created by Leseratte. These cIOS are based on the d2x cIOS by davebaol.

Do not try to install these cIOS on a regular Wii or on a WiiU, they won't work properly on these consoles (yet). These cIOS are only intended to be used on the Wii Mini for now.