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[   ]d2x-v10-b52mini1.7z2019-09-29 10:47 42Koutdated development version, Wii Mini only
[   ]d2xl-v1-beta2.7z2019-09-29 20:03 42Kmost recent version, Wii Mini only
[   ]d2xl-v1-beta1.7z2019-09-29 17:36 42K 

This directory contains Wii Mini cIOS (d2xl) created by Leseratte. These cIOS are based on the d2x cIOS by davebaol.

Do not try to install these cIOS on a regular Wii or on a WiiU, they won't work properly on these consoles (yet). These cIOS are only intended to be used on the Wii Mini for now.

Currently, these cIOS have been created with a hex editor, as I can't get the buildscripts for the d2x cIOS to work properly. Here is the source code that would in theory compile to the current version of the d2xl cIOS if I were able to compile it.

In the future, I plan to make a combined cIOS (d2xl) that works on both Wii and Wii Mini. It would be cool if someone could help me compile the current state so I can do that: Issue report